Innovative In-Store Displays

We wanted to go beyond the ads we see around us everyday and really take a look at how different brands market their products in stores. We know that a large percentage of buyers make their decisions while in the store, and that displays can impact purchasing decisionsin the liquor aisle.

Here are some of the coolest display ideas we have found so far..

1)The Glinlivet Whiskey – Age Matters Display located in Dubai tried to educate its clients about the important of age. The display featured interactive touch screens, video displays and built in barrels to show how age affects the quality and color of whiskey. The display is unique because rather than just marketing a new special edition of a product it focused on the origins of the brand, and quality of the ingredients and processes used to create the product.

glinlivet age matters

2) Makers Mark – Giant Ceiling Display located in a liquor store in Seattle, Washinton. The display is larger than life, attracting the consumers attention. We like this idea for a display because it breaks the eye-line, consumers who are used to seeing the standard shelves in a store would instantly have their eye attracted upwards over the other shelves of products.  This is a great way to grab attention and break the mold.

seattle Makers Mark

3) Absolut Tropics Display – in the London airport included a mini bar stocked with the various sizes of Absolut Tropic Vodka as well as displays with bowls of fruit that the company wanted to suggest for cocktail pairings.  The beauty of the stand alone display is not only that there are no other products to compete with Absolute in this environment (compared to a traditional liquor store) but also that the “bartender” can help clients find the drinks they like and then use a POS system behind the “bar” to sell the product!

absolute london tropics

4) Ketel One Shaker Display– designed to be used in super markets to promote the product. What do we love about this design? It not only displays the bottles of Kettle One Vodka, it also designed a space for accompanying products like the copper cocktail mixer on the bottom shelf. This is a great way to suggest side products and it is small enough to fit on the end of the spirits aisle in a supermarket.


5) Absolut Vodka Size Tiered Rack – this rack has a tier for each size. You can place larger bottles at the top and descend or you can place small promotional bottles or gift sets on the top rack and then place the larger 1L bottles on the bottm. This allows you to group all of your products together, or to suggest your product with syrups or juices on other levels.

Absolute Botle Display

6) Moët & Chandon – In-Store Mini Boutique – For specialty products or products that have their own branding needs this is a fabulous idea. Moët & Chandon created this display to be placed in large retailers (a hyper-marché our a large liquor distributor who have the floor space) Why we love it? The boutique setup creates an “exclusive” space just for your product in the store, and the sleek design and elegance complment Moëts branding out of the store. This setup could easily be used in large retailers for products like rum or specialty editions of Vodka where the boutique style display could be used to give the shopper an”experience”. The display also features interactive touch screens and videos to engage shoppers, has various display areas where complimentary products could be placed or various formats can be presented, and it is self lit and includes display areas for brand artwork giving it and added touch of class that separates it from the rest of the store. Great way to educate about new products !

moet display

7)Skyy Vodka – Grocery Store Mini Bar – This display is again great because it is small enough to fit in a super market, but what we really liked is that in addition to the larger “bar” display, the company also designed a smaller stand that can be placed in the liquor aisle as a compliment. This gives the company two ways to market their product outside the “rayon”, and more opportunities to be noticed by shoppers in the store. The “bar” space could also be used to suggest fruits,juices,sodas, or to give away free cocktail recipes to try with the product.

Syyy displays

8)Ballantine’s – 19th Hole Competition Displays are a fantastic example of the way you can use in store marketing to reinforce out-of-store branding and partnerships with the client. For years Ballantine’s has tried to associate it’s scotch with Golf, sponsoring tournaments internationally. The company decided to put on a contest in local stores where they used golf themed displays with interactive touch screens that asked shoppers to register to win a trip to Singapore to play a round of Golf. They called the displays “The 19th Hole” and they are designed in a lounge theme for “dégustation” after a round of golf. This solidifies the brand image, reinforces a partnership, and definitely engages shoppers!

Balentines golf

9) Diageo – SuperMarket “Own the Aisle” Pop-Out Display was designed to be installed in hyper-marchés or large retailers with sufficient floor space. The Display is built to Pop-Out from the typical “rayon” pushing the products forward. It is also branded with DIAGEO colors and allows the company to easily group all of their products together in one branded space.  There is also a central “bar” area with three recessed shadow-boxes where three feature products can be placed. If for example you wanted to promote a Bacardi Mojito you could put a bottle of Bacardi in the center, a bowl of limes to the left and Sugar to the right to suggest the cocktail. The website for this image is fantasitc and shows shoppers walking patterns in the aisle when display is installed.

diageo store display

10) All The Mini Formats in One Place – this image, taken by a distributor in Seattle, Washington shows how some stores like to group formats. Here, for example, they have created their own space exclusively for smaller formats from every brand and have grouped them all together in one place for shoppers. This idea could easily be applied in super markets or mini-supermarchés in a city, all smaller formats could be grouped together in one designated spot in the alcohol aisle.

mini size display

11) Belvedere Vodka-Mobile Design  this display idea addresses a practical concern companies have when building product showcases- will it fit in all of the super markets I distribute to? Chances are that every super market will have a different amount of floor space that they are willing to give you for your product display, and that often depending on the brand of the super market (Monoprix, Carrefour, E.LeClerc etc) the store will be configured completely differently. This display is great because it is mobile – the walls can be bent, folded, and rearranged to fit around all different types and sizes of “rayon”. Shelves can be hooked into both sides of the display allowing it to be more mobile. This could be a great option if you have limited space, or operate with various re-sellers.

belvedere mobile display

12)Bombay Sapphire East – Mini Museum Display installed in Frankfurt, Germany invites consumers to learn about the history of Bombay Sapphire Gin, as well as all of the ingredients used to create the product. We love this display because it is almost like a mini- museum, it educates clients about the quality, spices, and process used to make Bombay, and then in a separate area it has a complimentary product showcase where clients can buy the featured product. This could be great for products like Spiced Rum, that use traditional ingredients that consumers might not be familiar with. It also creates a great environment for promoting dégustation, by providing consumers with booklets about how to taste all of the different spices in the product, or how to make cocktails.

Bombay Saphire East Display


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