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What are the best loved international videos and ad campaigns for alcohol brands? And what makes a certain commercial a hit while others can barely break 1000 views?

To find the answer we searched top vodka and alcohol brands channels on YouTube, where we complied a list of  the most viewed videos, commercials, clips, and even company sponsored films that were most popular with fans. Videos are often shared internationally, but we have not taken into consideration here whether or not the most popular videos conform with the Evin law in France.

1) Swedish House Mafia – Greyhound   By far one of the most viewed commercials on YouTube that we have seen, at over 21,000,000 views, and a great example of one of the elements that drives video views- the MUSIC!  This video was sponsored by  Absolute Vodka, who paid Swedish House Mafia to create a song for their new commercial.  The commercial takes place in a desert and includes pumped up house music and a virtual greyhound race.

Swedish House Mafia Greyhound

2) Carlsburg – Biker Prank Video in Belgium the beer company filled a movie theatre with tought looking Bikers. Innocent couples bought tickets for the movie and when they entered the theatre there were only two seats left… The video generated over 11 Million views and delivered a great message – That calls for a Calrsburg.


3)Sauza Tequila – Make it With a Fireman – Sauza Tequila launched the “Fireman ad”, where a hot fireman first rescues a fluffy white kitten, then shows viewers how to make the perfect Margarita, trust him, he’s an expert. The video passed 5 Million views and generated a buzz on facebook!

Sausa Tequila Fireman Commercial

4) Captain Morgan’s – Party Like a Champion video launched in 2012 and quickly generated over 5 million views worldwide. The ad was created in the UK, and is focused on football parties. At the end of the ad viewers are told that for any of their football needs they can visit the Captain Morgan’s football site to win gifts or prizes for their next football party.

Captain Morgan

5)Ultimat Vodka – Stop Working Start Drinking – How do you reach over-worked professionals who you want to buy your product? Go looking for them at work! In this clip Ultimat Vodka put a business man outside of the highest floors of a skyscraper to get the attention of professionals working inside the building. He used signs to  invite them all for an after-work cocktail!

Ultimate Vodka-stopworkingstartdrinking

6) Bacardi Mojito Commercial – Celebrating the History This commercial, put out by Bacardi celebrates the history of the brand. The film follows a guy that enters the bar and as he walks towards the bartender we see people celebrating with Bacardi in every decade. The clip reached close to a million view on YouTube.


7) Ciroc Vodka – Luck Be a Lady Short Film featuring the music of Frank Sinatra and Ciroc’s go to man Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs is called The Art of Celebration. Set in Las Vegas the film is a throwback to RatPack style class and celebrates drinking in good company. Ciroc has been partnered with the Rap artis for several years, his participation in The Art of Celebration and most other Ciroc Commericals featuring Diddy have generated a huge buss across social media networks. It has been a great partnership for the brand in that respect.

Ciroc PDiddy

8) Dos Equis – The Most Interesting Man in the World – this campaign is made up of a dozen different short commercials and is a sensation in the United States where the commercials have been being released for the last few years. What makes this campaign noteworthy? It’s impact on consumers cannot be measured in views or likes – this set of commercials has gone well beyond Viral! In the United States people dressed up for Halloween as The Most Interesting Man in the World, his catch phrase “Stay Thirsty My Friends” and other sayings are constantly quoted in bars and at parties. Here is a sample of just one of the clips! Here’s to the power of building a great spokesperson!


9) Smirnoff- Tripple Distilled commercial talks about the process the company uses to distill their product. The commercial was very popular in Russia. In countries where messaging about alcohol is restricted commercials featuring brand origins or quality messaging tend to be popular.


10) Pampero Italy – El Ritual commercial again demonstrates how the brand is part of the culture.

Pampero Italia- El Ritual


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