Exploring Online Resources and Apps

The millenium generation is very confortable with technology and use apps and online guides to compare products, read product and user reviews, check in, see how croweded bars are before they go out,  and even …to mix their drinks. We wanted to better understand what kinds of apps and online guides are the most used resources for this generation of consumers. Below are resources that are either highly downloaded in the iTunes App Store, highly indexed on google for the subject we searched, or have the best user reviews.

1. Drink Flow – all of the users that left comments for this app in the app store gave it five stars. The app offers several recipes of course, and like several other competitors it allows users to create a virtual bar where they save the contents of their liquor cabinet. But the best feature is that it can generate a grocery list for you based on what alcohols you have at home. This is a great example of how smart phones and apps are influencing consumers in the aisle of their local grocery stores. Have you ever walked into a super market and seen someone looking at a list on their smart phone or reading review before they buy something? This app provides that service – it makes shopping quick and easy.


2. MIXology App for iOS or Android – allows users to sort dink recipes by type of alcohol, seasonality, calorie content or by ingredient. The app also has a built in store locator that allows clients to find the store nearest to them that sells their ingredients. There is also a favorite drinks section where you can save your favorite recipes so you dont have to look them up again and an option to see the top rated recipes. What do we love about this app? It reaches out to consumers who want to become “home bartenders” and who are interested in learning more about mixology – the art of making a cocktail. This product really puches “dégustation” and helps users learn about bartending, terminology, and the tools they might need to re-create bar quality drinks for guests at home.


3. See My Drink App for iPhone- allows users to take photos of their cocktails (whether they make them at home or taste in a restaurant) and to upload the photos with a recipe to the app. Photos of drinks can be shared across Facebook and Twitter networks where friends can like the drink idea or make suggestions on the recipe using the notes feature. The app also allows users to take a photo of a cocktail and e-mail it with the receipt directly to a friend. This App could be particularly interested from a consumer insights point of view for the marketing department because it alows you to see new drinks that clients are inventing themselves, as well as the top trending drinks of the moment. this could be a great way to explore new product pairings or recipe suggestions.


4. Havana Club’s Mojito App 

In the same “cocktail themed app'” Havana Club launched the Mojito App, which provides users with the company’s mojito recipe. Users on the iTunes site seemed to give the app mixed reviews. It shows the recipe, and can also give you an ingredient list, step by step instructions for mixing the cocktail, and a grocery list.


5. Havana Club’s Guide to Havana App 

Breaking away from the traditional drink apps, Havana Club also launched a travel guide app to the City of Havana. The app gives you an interactive map, points of interest, music guides, reviews of  bars and restaurants, and tips on how and where to enjoy Havana night life.


6. Captain Morgan’s “Captain’s Conquest” App for iPhone and Android

What is the only thing the Millenium generation loves more than google? Maybe Gaming. Captain Morgan’s has boldly decided, rather than designing another drink app, to creat a Captain Morgan’s Pirate Battle Ship game for its fans. In the game you “Join the Battle”, collecting loot, commanding a ship, and doing battle for the nation to become the Top Captain in the fleet. The game is an app but is also compatible with FourSquare!


There are now several versions of the game including a cruise and legendary nights.

7. Kracken Rum’s Nautical Maneuvering App

In the same “gamer” vein as Captain Morgan’s, Kracken Rum relaesed their own free app for android and iPhone. The game presents players with three scenarios, that are supposed to tell the tale of how the captains of a ship first brought the legendary rum to the country. Throughout the game you have to avoid being taken alive by the Kracken.


8. Drink Library on Absolute.com site

No matter he occasion, Absolute has a dink to recommend. Their online library of recipes is not only targeted to a specific audience (the pink lady for a girls night or a gentleman’s cocktail for the mixologist in most men), but also allows users to choose their recipe by occasion, glass type, the most popular cocktails, or the classics. The recipes promote degustation and allow consumers to experiment with making their own cocktails à la maison.

Absolute Drinks


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