Best New Product Ideas

Every day normal people as well as other companies have great new ideas – and we dont want them to get lost! Here are some of the ideas twitter and facebook users have posted on Alcohol Company websites, or new products launched in other markets  that we thought were note worthy. These ideas could be adapted for use at Bacardi.

1) Lowfat or diet alcohols

And why not? We have seen several companies already trying to corner this market – but they seem to be marketing mostly to women. A good example would be Skinny Girl Vodka that offers women in the USA, Australia, and Canada low-fat vodkas, wines, and premixed drinks. But what is stopping other companies from putting out low cal drinks for all ?


2) Flavored Vodkas 

According to TECHNOMIC, a food industry review, flavored vodkas are a segment that continued driving growth in 2012. This segment grew by 23.3 % in 2011, growing to represent 25% of overall Vodka sales in The United States that year.  In 2011 about 75% of new vodkas released onto the market were flavored, and sweet flavors like Whipped Cream tend to be more popular. The segment is predicted to continue growing and could be a great way to introduce new products.


3) Existing Product – Design Innovation 

Kettle One change cap

The beauty of Social media is that companies today can use these networks not only to connect with fans or to launch new products, but also to troubleshoot and to keep consumers loyal. Here KetelOne fails to do this – a consumer gave them really good advice that they have a problem with a leaky cap – and instead of taking it seriously they told him to contact a hotline. They could use this commentary and try to improve the product instead!

4) Transporting a big bottle of Vodka

Not everyone takes a car to buy their alcohol! How do everyday people deal with the over sized heavy bottles? Here is an idea we loved!Just like a water bottle holder – only it holds a bigger bottle and can support more weight. This could be great for people who commute or who ride bikes to the store or form their house to parties because it allows them to ride the bike without having their hands full with grocery bags.

Bike Vodka


Think this idea is too crazy? One French Alcohol Brand has already embraced it! St. Germain is offering an exclusive “gift set” that includes a bike with a built in alcohol carrier designed to fit their bottle! The brand claimed that “the kitsch French-style bicycle comes complete with a St-Germain bottle holder strapped to the frame, allowing users to ensure there is never a shortage of St-Germain cocktails as you picnic or bar hop on the weekends.


5) A Carrying Case that Keeps your Drink Cool – this idea comes to us from G.H. Mumm and was developped for their champagnes, but we thought the product would be a great idea for Bacardi. In our survey, over 50% of respondents told us that they walk to their nearest liquor store, and also that they usually spend the most when they are invited to a party. What does that mean? It tells us that most people go by foot to purchase their alcohols and that they buy the biggest sizes (because price was a factor in the questionnaire) when they are invited to a party. That gives us a lot of people walking around the city lugging heavy vodka bottles with them! And what’s more? Vodka in the SuperMarkets is not chilled, but most people prefer to drink their vodka cool. That’s where this product comes in – it has a built in handle making it easy to transport a heavy bottle , but the bag is also isothermic, meaning that whenever you are ready you can crack it and it will act as an ice pack – chilling your bottle for up to 2 hours! This is fantastic as a gift or for a party.


While you could always just bring a bottle with you to your next event, we found some really unique and original ideas involving liquor gift sets.

6)  Packaging -The Portable Mini-Bar the company began promoting this product over a year ago and it is a fantastic idea. The kit allows you to put a bottle of vodka in the center, and then along the sides you can stock lime wedges, ice, or other fruits that you want to use for preparing your cocktails. This is great for a cocktail party or for a gift, and you could easily use it with other types of alcohol. We also love it because in our survey we found that in France over 50% of consumers go to their liquor store by foot, which makes this a good option. If you have to walk a ways the kit has a handle that makes transporting everything you need simple.


7) Adjacent Markets –  the bourbon company Maker’s Mark has stepped outside of its original product category and begun to explore other markets that are close. They produce in addition to their bourbon, Maker’s Mark branded cigars, kitchen ware, and specialty bourbon barbecue sauces as well. Maker’s Mark is not the only company to do this – in the United States Jack Daniel’s markets both cigars and Barbecue Sauces branded with the company name. This allows the brand to associate itself with men who enjoy grilling  and also the men who enjoy the “dégustation” of the drinks accompanied with a cigar.


8) Packaging – Selling with Complimentary Products  while the example here is Vodka & Red Bull, which obviously is not a marketing strategy Bacardi would want to pursue, the product  pairing is still a great idea and substitute products like fruit juice or other cocktail mixes could be substituted for the RedBull. The first product is a Belvedere Chiller that cools the vodka , and along the backside of the chiller are slots where the complimentary product like a juice or soda could be stored. The second image is an example of Belvedere promotions on display in stores. They create a small display that suggests mixers to consumers to be placed in “rayon”.

Belvedere redbull

8)Seasonal Gifts- Whiskey Advent Calendar–  Behind each of the 24 doors is a different 3cl sample of delicious whisky! We’ll keep the contents a surprise, but we can tell you that behind one of the doors is a sample of 50 year old Scotch whisky, the full-sized bottle of which is worth £350! Gifts like these are a good way to promote the purchase of smaller formats for “degustation” or to encourage consumers to taste a variety of all of the different flavors of a product. Maybe they will discover one they like and buy a larger format in the future.

Whiskey Advent Calendar

The Gin Blog has also put out a Ginvent Calendar, and each day from now until December they will be tweeting a question of the day – respond correctly and win a free calendar! This is a great example of how using Twitter for marketing can help a brand drive traffic to their site, create a buzz, and engage their audience.



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