Industry Sponsored Events!

We thought a great way to find out how to connect with consumers from 18-29 would be to check out what kinds of events Liquer companies all over the world have been sponsoring to generate interest.

Check out some of the “BEST OF” events that we have seen so far as well as company tweets and posts promoting the events that really generated some interest!

1)Beefeater Gin – My London Campaign in the UK asked consumers to go out and take pictures of what London meant to them. Photos will then be submitted and lucky winners will have their artwork chosen to become part of a set of special edition bottles of the gin! This is a great way to get fans to interact with the brand!

Great interactive campaign put on by Beefeater in the UK asks fans to go out and take photos of what "MyLondon" means to them and to submit their photos for the chance to win free prizes as well as to have their photo put on a bottle of special edition gin!

2)Belvedere (RED) Night Lights -NYC is a festival put on by Belevedere in partnership with (RED). Concert Sponsorships have always been a popular avenue for Alcohol brands who like to associate themseves with the music industry, but in partnering with (RED) Belvedere has not only put on a concert – it has joined a cause. As consumers demand more from the brands they love, charity concerts, and benefit sponsorships are on the rise. Why not help fight aids while enjoying live music and a drink? Since the launch of (BELVEDERE)RED in 2011, contributions from the sales of (BELVEDERE)RED has provided more than two million days of life-saving HIV/AIDS medicine.

Belvedere red

3)Kettle One – Gentelman’s Call Kettle One opened up a competition on Facebook where they asked all of their fans to give them new business ideas. They have collected all of the submissions and have narrowed it down to five men, one of whom will win 100,000 to launch their project. This campaign is generating a lot of buss not only because there was a competition, but also because each of the ideas is sustainable, and serves a cause. The entire competition was inspired by Movember, another of Kettle On’s Partners. Stay tuned to the competition page to find out who will win.

Gentelman's call Kettel One

4) The Macallan Whiskey- Masters of Photography Competition  For three years in a row The Macallan sponsored a photography competition. They choose a different theme each year and ask fans to subbmit photos. They then choose a winner each month, and they use the winning photo as their profile picture on Facebook. At the end of the year a panel of judges review past winners and they choose a first place finalist. The project brands The Macallan as refined and artistic and plays well to its messaging about enjoying the drink slowly and dégustation. To see last years winners and read more about the competition click the photo below!



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