Discounting and Rebate Ideas

We know that one of the main factors that buyers consider when buying alcohol, independent of the type of alcohol, is price . What tactics for discount have companies used successfully? Lets take a look both in store and across other industries to see what types of targeting work best to reach and engage MILLENIALS.

Facebook – Like Us for a Discount is a common strategy that alcohol companies have embraced. What we like about it – it is a way to reward your fans for being loyal! It also generates likes to your page and allows you to reach more fans with your status updates, building a community. This is also a great way to connect with millenials, who grew up with facebook and who are very comfortable with social media.


2)Twitter Weekly Discounts drive Traffic – in the example below you can see how effective Twitter can be as a means of driving traffic into local stores, and specifically driving people to buy a discounted product. On twitter this local alcohol store alerts his followers each Thursday about a new discount that he will be offering in his store. If he gets 20 likes or re-tweets for the offer he proposes he will honor the discount in the store. If not he can propose another one. This is a great way for brands to push consumers to try different flavors or new products, or even to work with local retailers to suggest product pairings – for example, but a 1L bottle of rum and the store will throw in a mixer.

3) Immediate discount- according to our survey, the type of discount most preferred by consumers in the store is the Bon d’achat or the paper around the bottle neck that gives you a discount at the register. When asked what type of discount could influence their purchases, respondents to the survey ranked this number one.

rebate immediate

Mail in Discounts – Pinnacle Vodka kicked of the New Year by using facebook in a whole new way. Instead of using a Like us for a Discout campaign they uploaded a photo of a mail in form, encouraging users to fill out the required information and mail the form to them. In return the company will gift each person up to $21.



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